When booking an accommodation shall enter into force the following general conditions which will govern the contract of rental of season between you (client) and the property, through the intermediary of (in later



Mentioned General conditions constitute an integral part of tourism stipulated rental contract you enter y:

José M. Andamoyo García


St. El Pargo, 5 

Chiclana de la Frontera C.P. 11130


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The price of the lease is stipulated in the specific conditions of the present contract. The published prices are daily, unless otherwise stated in specific periods of time. In any case, the minimum stay contained in the data sheet of each House.

Prices include: final cleaning, water, electricity and gas consumption (unless specified otherwise in specific dates), linen (sheets and towels shower), maintenance of garden and swimming pool (if any).

The price of the stay does not include any insurance travel, theft, accident or civil liability for the action of the customer to other people or things by what is not responsible for any event that could happen to the customer in the situations described in or out of the rental unit.


Prices do not include:

Additional optional supplements:



Once completed the booking form on our website, accommodation will be locked to the requesting client for 3 days. During these 3 days, the customer must confirm the reservation by payment by bank transfer or credit card of 30%, of the total amount. After the 72 hours from the request and not have proof of the payment of 30% automatically the reservation will be cancelled and eliminated. In case of reservations with discounts applied only discount you will have 24 hours to confirm the reservation, otherwise it will be automatically cancelled.

To effect the payment the client/tenant declares at the same time who has read and understood the general terms and conditions of and that you accept them.

Payments will be made for payments with credit or debit card or by bank transfer to the bank account provided and contained in the email that you will receive to complete and send the reservation form. On the concept of transfer must be facilitated your booking locator number to identify your payment, and can provide if possible the number of ID card or passport of the person appearing in the same booking form to identify which subject corresponds the payment.

Payment will be made in the following manner:



Requires a bail whose amount is contained in the characteristics of the data sheet of each property, expressed in euro, which is used as a guarantee of the proper use, conservation of furniture, equipment and conditions of use of the hired accommodation. This amount will be effective to the signing of the contract, in cash.

The agreed time customers must vacate the accommodation. Breach, the company has the right to receive compensation the daily amount equivalent to twice the amount of the daily price of the amount of the reserve, which will be effective automatically the amount deposited as security.

The deposit will be returned after the review of the housing together with the tenant, and if found everything in proper state of cleaning and without damages proceed in return. In the event that the tenant has caused any damage to the housing or appliances, the economic cost of repair or replacement will be deducted from the security deposit. If economic amount exceeds the amount of the guarantee, it must be paid before the departure of the tenant, adopting legal measures to collect otherwise.



Although it has been carefully prepared descriptions, detail of the equipment of the accommodation and the prices published on the website of, they can in some cases suffer any modification that will be communicated at the time of booking. It could be the case that these changes occur after the confirmation of the reservation and affecting essential points of the contract. In this case you may terminate the contract, without charge, within the period of 7 days of such communication, being you refunded the payment made in full.



After receipt of 30% of your reservation, notify customer by e-mail the confirmation of your booking, and if Disclaimer unilaterally by part the customer make use of contracted housing, the contributed amount is not refunded.

For the recovery of the amount paid as confirmation, should have taken previously in term of cancellation insurance, and provided that the cause of cancellation figure within the probable cause in the General conditions of the insurance subscribed and following.


Cancellation insurance

Cancellation insurance recruitment is done with the insurance company ERV.

The amount shall be 2% of the total amount (without accessories) and with a minimum of €20.

For the recruitment of the cancellation insurance, you must request is in data of the booking form or alternatively in the first 48 hours from the sending of the booking form. intermediate between the insurance company and the customer for the provision of such insurance, and in any case is involved directly or indirectly in the possible casualties or cases where there is to make use of the same. All documentation that is requested for the resolution of a claim will be held by the client with the insurance company.

In the event that customer abandon accommodation voluntarily, for any reason or circumstance prior to the end of the contract, and you had not subscribed insurance cancellation, is exempted of any type of return for this concept.


Alternative or cancellation of the contract by

In cases of force majeure or unforeseen impossibility of the property for the client's accommodation, will offer them the possibility of choosing (when possible) between replacing the accommodation with another of similar characteristics and price, or canceling the contract by reimbursing enchiclana .is the total amount delivered by the customer. reserves the right to replace the reserved accommodation with another of similar characteristics in a serious unforeseen case. In the case of force majeure, can cancel the contract by reimbursing the total amount delivered.


Liabilities attributable to

If the reserved accommodation features which have arisen serious shortcomings that prevent its normal use, is committed to seek an alternative solution of similar features and price. If this was not feasible due to lack of available accommodation either because you rejected all the proposals offered, we will refund all or part of the amount of the reserve - according to the time which has enjoyed the accommodation-without that fit attribute to additional liability any. will not be liable in the following cases:

1. Negligence or omission of services attributable to third parties

2. Failure or improper operation of swimming pools, play areas for children and sports facilities of any kind being the use of these strictly under the responsibility of the user.

3. Robberies in the accommodation.

4. Damage to persons or things due to causes of force majeure or unforeseen setbacks that neither nor their representatives (key managers) to respond by force majeure, weather or natural disasters.

5. Loss or loss of key (s) of the housing. In this case will proceed for the safety of the dwelling and its occupants to the replacement of the lock housing if possible, and must the customer pay the amount that truck replacement. In the case of oblivion in the lock by the interior of the House and required the opening by a professional and/or replacement of the lock, the client will also assume these costs.

In the event that any facts that could disrupt the stay of the client such as: cuts of light, water, or noise by works in the vicinity of contracted accommodation, does not assume responsibility for any given that are beyond their control situations.

The responsibility of, is therefore limited to its role as intermediary, in accordance with the extent to which this has and is actually developed by, assuming personally any of the responsibilities that correspond to the property in rental accomodation according to law.

In any case, the "client" accepts that the financial responsibility of by any moral damages that could occur as a result of their intermediation, shall be limited to the total amount paid in rent.



The effective occupation of the accommodation will be the day of arrival after 17 hours. During the first 24 hours, from the occupation of the dwelling, the customer shall communicate to any damage, defect or malfunction that observed in the housing so that the company can proceed to the repair needed as soon as possible, after these first 24 hours and have not received any notification from the customer means that the House is in perfect condition.

The key collection: will be held at the offices of or at the entrance of the House if it has so agreed between both parties setting previously specified time. On the website, under the heading who we are > where we are contained information of how reach our offices, information that can be downloaded to facilitate their arrival.

In the case that the customer could not get office hours, will contact to arrange keys, otherwise the company not may be responsible for any consequence arising from this fact.


The departure from the accommodation: the customer shall communicate with the Agency two days before the end of the stay to specify the estimated time of departure, which should be done between 10 and 12 hours in the morning, that company staff check the State of the housing with the tenant and can proceed to the return of the deposit and return of keys. Customers who wish to leave before the specified time shall notify the Agency for the review of the bond, which will be returned by bank transfer within a maximum of 72 hours after their departure, after checking the perfect state of the housing.

The client must leave the accommodation, in the same State in which it was found, ranked and without accumulated rubbish, otherwise may be used part of the deposit or in severe case, the loss of the deposit as a whole.



Customer will provide the necessary data required by legislation for the control of passengers, according to organic law 1/1992 of 21 February, and must provide the documentation of persons over 16 years of occupying the apartment during your stay. The number of persons authorised in the reserve and in the case of dealing with accommodation by a number of people exceeding the permitted capacity will be respected, the company reserves the right to cancel the rental agreement immediately as well as take appropriate judicial action. More than two years of age children occupy adult square. Beds or other similar furniture not included in the inventory is prohibited unless express permission of the company.

In the event that any appliance cease to operate or to appreciate any fault in the facilities of water, light, gas, or other services, the customer must inform that in turn notified the servicer that it concerned to repair the fault as soon as possible. is not responsible for local or general character in the area power outages.

In the case of gas cylinders or bottles independent supply, customer shall inform the company completion of gas supply, with the purpose that the company replace the service as soon as. The immediate provision of these cylinders or cylinders will not be compromised, so it will be the customer's responsibility the anticipation of this to have a bottle or canister tank filled.

It expressly prohibits the customer modifying the initial configuration of the furniture of the House, in case of breaking this standard the company reserves the right to retain part or all of the bond.

It expressly prohibits the customer performing any activity that come into conflict with the municipal regulations and uses of coexistence, usual hygiene and public order, or which prevent the normal rest of other users of the property or estate. It is prohibited to make noise in the rental unit or nearby, from 24 hours.

It expressly prohibits the customer accumulate trash both inside and outside contracted, and must deposit it through bags to use in the nearest housing container and at the time indicated by the municipal service. Otherwise the company reserves the right to retain a part of the bond for this reason.



To make the consultation of availability to the system or by phone is obligated to indicate that you want to use the housing with pets or pets, appearing in the description / data of each apartment allowing the stay of animals or not. Similarly, the web contains a section specific to those dwellings that if allow the stay of animals.

Pets are not permitted unless express authorization of the company. Prove otherwise, reserves the right to cancel the rental agreement immediately as well as undertake court actions as well as retain the guarantee or bond in the event that the animal had caused damage to housing, dirt, or any other kind of prejudice.

The pets at all times are under the responsibility of its owner, or in the absence of the person signing the lease contract and whose hosted pet must be a day in their periodic mandatory vaccines, as well as they must be provided with identification chip or any other requirements of the regulations in force and which may be required to be submitted both on arrival and during your stay.

Although each estate or residential there are specific rules of the community of owners, we recommend that whenever you walk with your pet by public areas they should do so using a short leash to ensure control at all times on the pet.



When booking an accommodation will take effect the conditions above indicated general provisions concerning the lease of accommodation of existing season between the client and the property. acts as an intermediary between the tenant and the owner of the accommodation and is responsible for the correct execution of mediation, which is carried out according to the laws in force. These terms and conditions together with the prices indicated are considered valid, except for typographical, from 01/10/2015 until 31/12/2016 and replaced the previous published conditions. These conditions and the contract between the client and the property shall be governed, interpreted and will be run according to the Spanish law subject to the courts of Chiclana de la Frontera (Cadiz), Spain.